Benefits of Owning Pre-Owned

Buying a car can be difficult, let King’s Auto make is easy for you. There are many benefits of owning a pre-owned vehicle; for one, the cost will be far less expensive than buying a new vehicle. Used-car pricing allows buyers to upgrade to nicer models on makes they already love. Even if you can’t afford something right now, King’s Auto offers open loans with rates as low as 0.9% o.a.c. You’re approved instantly!

Depreciation is another key thing to keep in mind when buying a vehicle. Within the first year, some models can lose almost 40 percent, or more, of what their value was. With a pre-owned vehicle that’s 2 to 5 years old, there’s no depreciation the second you drive off our lot.

At King’s Auto, We specialize in handpicked, affordable, late model used Japanese import cars, SUVs and minivans. Allow us to demonstrate our commitment to you by browsing our online inventory and scheduling a test drive.